Nursing & Allied Health Professionals

Nursing & Allied Health Professionals

Frequent Questions

How do I contact the VCH Office of Professional Practice?

Contact information including names and email for each region is available on this site. Please click contact to find all the details.

Where can I find professional resources for my discipline?

Each of the disciplines listed on this site includes a description and web links to professional resources. Choose one of the links below to get started.

Where can I find current VCH job opportunities?

Discipline specific career opportunities can be found on each of the disciplines listed on this web site.

Or visit to find career and development opportunities for all areas within the entire Vancouver Coastal Health region. Click on Career Opportunities to start your search.

I want to learn more about Vancouver Coastal Health.

Vancouver Coastal Health is Canada's largest healthcare provider offering a comprehensive range of health services in the delivery areas of Vancouver, North Shore/Coast Garbaldi and Richmond. Learn more about VCH on our web site.

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