Nursing & Allied Health Professionals

Nursing & Allied Health Professionals

Ethics Services

Mission and Mandate

To promote ethical practice throughout VCH by means of a region-wide ethical decision-making framework as well as consultations, education and policy review provided by clinical ethicists and ethics committees.

What is Ethics Services?

Complex health care decisions can benefit from an exploration of values, ethical issues and principles. The VCH Ethics Service can help clarify and work through ethical concerns that may arise in difficult clinical situations. Ethicists are members of the health care team educated in facilitating resolution of problems or conflicts involving principles and values. Ethicists ensure that the process of addressing issues is safe, respectful and fair, taking into account the interests, rights and responsibilities of all those involved. Ethicists promote communication and understanding among those involved in resolving difficult issues. Although patients/clients/residents, substitute decision-makers and health care providers remain responsible for making decisions, the Clinical Ethicists can help guide discussions, explore options and make recommendations to assist in the process of decision-making.

VCH Ethics Services offers an advisory role to various clinical and administrative units and task forces to help analyze, develop, implement and assess various policies/guidelines that include an ethical component (e.g. DNAR, adverse event disclosure, Delivery of Food and Fluids). To request an ethics review of a policy or guideline, please contact one of the Ethicists.


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